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The Mazza and More Catering Company in Brooklyn has a vision of accommodating parties both big and small in a variety of venues. Off-premise parties can be accomplished anywhere! Rozie and Eleanor can pull off just about anything…where there’s a will, there’s Mazza and More !

Whether it is a simple drop-off or a fully staffed sit-down dinner, we have been satisfying clients with our innovative cuisine, straightforward approach and Affordable Catering in Brooklyn. As a leading food delivery restaurant in Brooklyn, we find pleasure in tantalizing your taste buds with delicacies that are soothing in sight and appetizing in taste. We offer an array of sweet and savory dainties that are known for their unparalleled uniqueness and culinary perfection and for delighting guests in parties, weddings and gatherings.


  • I've tried almost every type of food they sell here -- both dairy and meat. A lot of it was made in large quantities (i.e. for many people). Keep this in mind. Otherwise, I tried a meat platter sampler yesterday, which was great. I'm going to run down the foods I've tried to give you a better idea about how everything tastes.


    Alicia D.
  • ‘These folks understand not only how to make the food but the traditions behind it, the owners are so sweet and passionate and it translate into the most exquisite mazza that you can have. Having their mazza on our Shabbat table delights every member of the family. My favorite is lachm b'ajeen,’


    Charles K.
  • ‘Ultimately, MNM is a great place to buy authentic Sephardic food. Priced reasonably and very nice staff. They seem to treat customers well. Would definitely go back. Check out the pictures they posted to Yelp - everything looks like it actually does! In other words, you'll get what you see.’

    testimonial img2 kaylaL

    Shmuel B.

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